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Monday 12
A2 - Education, development programs I
Chair: Paulo Bastos
› 11:55 - 12:20 (25min)
› Room 004 - T. Arbeau
Good schools or good students? Evidence on school effects from universal random asignment of students to high schools
Paulo Bastos  1@  , Julian Cristia  2@  , Beomsoo Kim  3@  
1 : Development Research Group, World Bank  -  Website
2 : Research Department, Inter-American Development Bank
3 : Department of Economics, Korea University

How much do schools differ in their effectiveness? Answering this question has been complicated by the selection of heterogeneous students into schools, which has made it difficult to distinguish between the influence of school inputs, student selection and peer effects. We exploit universal random assignment of students to high schools in certain areas of South Korea to provide clean estimates of the influence of school inputs. We find statistically signifficant differences across schools in the effects they have on scores in college entrance exams. However, school effects explain only 0.5% of the variation in learning outcomes in areas where students are randomized to schools. These results suggest that school inputs play a limited role in explaining variation in learning outcomes.

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