Tuesday 13
D3 - Health, Care and Insurance II
Chair: Antoine Marsaudon
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Perceived quality and choice of health care provider: Analyzing the determinants of choice of maternity clinics for pregnant women
Ieva Sriubaite  1, *@  , Daniel Avdic  1@  , Giuseppe Moscelli  2@  , Tugba Buyukdurmus  1@  
1 : CINCH - Health Economics Research Center
2 : Center for Health Economics, University of York
* : Corresponding author

This paper studies patients' responsiveness to quality information of health care providers in Germany using data on publicly available quality reports which hospitals are required to report biannually since 2006. We link the quality information to rich administrative hospital records on patients, treatments and hospital characteristics to empirically study to which extent patients are willing to travel further to maternity clinics with quality higher ratings. We extend the analysis by exploiting subjective quality information from a large survey based on patients' satisfaction with the hospital to study whether the type of quality information matters for individuals' responsiveness. Our results show that individuals, depending on quality indicator, are willing to travel between 0.05–2.74 kilometers further to increase the quality of care by one standard deviation and that patients are generally more responsive to subjective quality information.

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