Tuesday 13
C4 - Environment IV
Chair: Jean-Marc Bourgeon
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› Room 005 - E. Jaques-Dalcroze
Public transfers of climate-mitigation technologies: The crowding-out effect on relocation
Julie Ing  1@  , Jean-Philippe Nicolai  2@  
1 : ETH Zurich
2 : ETH Zurich  -  Website
Zurich -  Switzerland

Technology transfers can come from government decisions or be a business choice. Indeed, when rms relocate, they generate technology transfer. These two types of decision seek divergent goals. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationship between the rms' incentives to relocate and the countries' incentives to transfer climate-mitigation technologies. We consider two countries (home and foreign) implementing a carbon tax. The government in the home economy decides to transfer or not its technology to the foreign economy, and rms located in the home economy may decide to relocate their production in the foreign economy. We consider two types of rms. At home, there are only relatively clean rms, while in the foreign economy relatively clean and dirty rms coexist. We show that the governments' transfer of technology decreases the incentives to relocate.

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